Sunday, March 30, 2008

Biography of William Kaiser II

William Kaiser II, 3rd Prince Elector of Ůbergeben

1730 - born to William Kaiser, 2nd Prince Elector of Ůbergeben and his wife, Caroline Lady Schuyler, their first child.

1742 - sent to the Electorate Military Institute, the foremost military academy in Ůbergeben. He enters his class with the rank of Fähnrich.

1745 - posted Leutnant to the 1st Dragoon Guards. Young William is quickly promoted to Oberleutnant and given command of the Grenadier Troop, which well suits his large stature.

1753 – William's father, the 2nd Prince Elector of Ůbergeben, is assassinated en route to the Conference of Ůbergeben-Streßlen, a meeting intended to discuss the recent and sudden creation of Albrecht Mordicus as 1st Duke of Lagerburg. Young William is commanding the guard of honor escorting the Elector when he is killed. Although he is wounded during a brave defense, he will never forgive himself for failing to protect his father. The Electorate is thrown into chaos as neighboring principalities and duchies vie for control of the wealthy region.

1755 – after a bitter contest between rival houses, the house of Kaiser is restored to power in the Electorate of Ůbergeben when young William is crowned Prince Elector. Mordicus, a prime contender for the electorate, has pledged his cooperation with William, but remains wary of the new Elector’s intentions. William suspects Mordicus of involvement in the underground plot to assasinate his father and seize control of the electorate.

1756 - tensions between Ůbergeben and Lagerburg mount.
The Coat of Arms of the House of Kaiser